Gardening from a mobility scooter is no different from gardening on the ground. It involves the same sweat, grime, and dirty hands but it also often involves aching backs from so much bending. If you own an outdoor mobility scooter that is heavy-duty enough to handle your garden terrain, you’re already on your way – this guide will help you customize that scooter to meet your everyday seeding and weeding needs 3 wiel scootmobiel

Getting Equipped to Tackle the Garden

1. Scooter Trailer

We know that getting dirty is one of the most enjoyable parts of gardening, but there is no reason to lug dirty tools around on your nice clean mobility scooter. A scooter trailer can help and small ones designed specifically for gardening are often cheaper than the ones meant for traditional indoor/pavement use.

Be careful what kind of trailer you choose – many scooter trailers are large and heavy, and use too much battery. Modern trailers made of recycled plastic or light pressed wood are much easier to handle.

2. Good Mulch / Weed Repellant Techniques

Experienced gardeners can debate about mulch techniques all day long. But if you’re new to gardening, or just new to gardening from a mobility scooter, you’ll want to learn the art of mulching as fast as you can. Pick up a few books that discuss the topic because there are many ways to do it – hay mulch, newspaper mulch, grass clippings… It depends on your preferences and the gardening philosophies you hold dear.

3. Better Tools or Rolling Bench

If you can use your legs enough to push a small, wheeled garden scooter up and down your garden rows, you might opt for that choice instead of gardening from your scooter. If you cannot or do not want to leave your scooter during gardening you can make the job much easier by having a set of extended gardening tools on hand. They’ll help you reach the far parts of container gardens or the ground below so you don’t have to spend all day bending and twisting.

All of the listed accessories are inexpensive, easy ways to make your outdoor mobility scooter a mean green gardening machine. Moreover, outside of the mulch (which is pretty fun to make by hand) they are typically one-time investments. We hope you’re able to track down even more cool mobility scooter accessories for gardening while you’re browsing the gardening aisles.