So, you’re redecorating your bathroom and you’ve decided that a striped shower curtain would be the perfect element to complete the design. Now, all you have to do is go to the store, find a striped curtain in the color you like, and be on your way. However, you might not find this job so easy as you would wish. There are such vast selections of shower curtains on the market today that the decision making process can be difficult. The other thing to keep in consideration is that local stores do not often stock a lot of different curtains, so the in-store selections might not catch your eye. Stripe Atlas review

Stripes can be a tricky style to decorate with for the variety of colors and the bold pattern. If you want to use a striped shower liner, your best bet is to find one that you really like before you do any further redecorating. Once you’ve got a shower curtain, you can base the rest of the design elements (i.e. wall color, towels, accessories) off the colors in the curtain. This will tie everything together, making your bathroom one unified, excellent design that is sure to be a topic of discussion whenever any guests visit your wonderful bathroom.

When shopping for striped curtains, you’ll probably want to visit plenty of online shops, because, unfortunately, as said before, many local stores do not have large selections in stock. You’ll likely not find what you’re looking for in-store unless you can settle with bland brown or blue stripes that look vaguely familiar to the shower curtain in your friend’s house or in that hotel you just visited. If you’re looking for unique or bright colors and bold or interesting striped designs, check out the options on the internet.

Thankfully, the internet world holds endless possibilities for your striped shower curtain needs. There are curtains with vertical and horizontal stripes, curtains with blue, orange, and brown stripes or curtains with lime green, hot pink, and yellow stripes. There are stripes with numbers in them or stripes with fish, stripes that are wavy or stripes that look like the scrapbook paper you just used in your latest craft project.

Most shower curtains will run you between $25-$45 dollars, with plenty of exceptions made for more expensive curtains. However, if you find a striped shower curtain that you really like and that will pull together your entire bathroom design, the price will be worth it in the end, for the shower curtain will last you well into the future.