Have you always dreamt of travelling through exotic locations? Have you longed for the ultimate adventure that nature has to offer? Do you love wildlife and nature and enjoy trekking and tracking animals? You will certainly enjoy a Tanzania safari if you have answered yes to all this. Whatever your interests are, Tanzania desert safari will offer you the best of experiences in the wild life. You can see many varieties of bird life, the big five safari with the leopard, lion, elephant, buffalo and rhino or just visit many of the excellent parks Tanzania has to offer. If you want a holiday destination that promises you exotic experiences and adventure up close to nature then a safari is the best choice.

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Sites and prices

Did you know that the term safari means trip in Swahili? There is much to see in Tanzania and many people visit the parks in the northern region which is less expensive and easier to get to. In the more central regions of Tanzania there are still more extensive locales to see and wildlife varieties but it is of course more expensive. Tanzania safari’s are available for the luxury traveler and the budget traveler, you can choose your pick from a short 3 day one to 10 or 15 day safari’s here.

There is the Serengeti park which is well known all over the world for the annual migration that happens here of large herds (over 200,000) zebra and Thomson’s gazelle. It is vast savannah grassland teeming with wildlife for the explorers to see on their journey. Not only are there numerous national parks to visit to see the wildlife, but there are also lots of culturally important sites on the way as well. With over 100 tribes with distinctly different religion, language and rites, there is much to see and learn about the people and culture here on your trip. While on the Safari you pass through many of the tribal areas and can see them live and their culture firsthand on your journey. Tanzania safari is the complete package for any traveler. Should you wish to go trekking, there is the famous Mount Kilimanjaro Safari that can offer you a taste of African highlands.

Where to stay

During the Safari you can choose to stay in camp grounds or lodges. Accommodation can cost you anywhere between a 100 dollars to 600 for luxury places to stay at. You can book your trip with the Tanzania association of tour operators online and would include your whole itinerary including fees for the park, guide, cooking, food, water, gasoline and the vehicle you plan to use. You can choose the type of Tanzania safari you want. From the vehicles or animals you want to travel on to the accommodation and routes. You can get a taste of the local culture and cuisine on the way if you should wish to. There will be bilingual guides who can tell you more about Africa and its customs, the medicines, the traditions and more on the way.