Gatherings are a new expansion to Facebook. Records have been around for some time on Facebook. 

You make a Group by choosing Create Group from your Wall’s landing page. 

You make a List by first choosing Friends from your Wall’s landing page, select Edit companions, and afterward a somewhat dark catch, Create a List. Visit :- ไลฟ์กลุ่มลับ

Reasonably, both of these highlights are comparable. Both enable you to make channels and add individuals to them. Model: you could make a List called Family. You could then add your relatives you’ve friended. Notwithstanding, that is about where their similitudes end. 

Gatherings are a method of making channels for review your divider. Say that you made another gathering called Work Colleagues, and added individuals to it. When seeing your Wall, you could then choose the Work Colleagues gathering to just see their posts. Gatherings are additionally imparted to your Friends – they, as well, can see these sifted posts thusly. Gatherings, however, do have a security setting: 

Open. Everybody can see the individuals from this Group and read its substance. 

Shut. Individuals are public yet the substance is private. 

Secret. Individuals and substance is private. 

Furthermore, Groups have customizations. You can add a particular picture to address the Group, and, you can choose which individuals are administrators to the Group. You can likewise set up a SMTP (email) for the gathering so that stuff messaged to the custom location will naturally post to its own divider. Thesely, Groups nearly seem as though Pages with the exception of you can’t have those security settings. 

Records are somewhat extraordinary. Utilizing a List, you can likewise make an article you can add individuals to. Indeed, this interface for adding individuals to a List is substantially more refined than the one for Groups. In any case, it’s not utilized as a channel against your Wall. All things considered, it’s utilized for security settings on your posts and for your Trust Settings. 

Model: if you somehow managed to make a List called Circle of Trust and add individuals you outrageously trust to it, you could then choose that List when you compose a notice by choosing the Lock, hit Customize; at that point select Specific People; at that point begin composing the name of your List – like, Circle of Trust. Just these individuals could then see your update.